Supporting Documents

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Dordon Masterplan Framework FINAL REPORT.pdf (March 2022) Dordon Design Guidance and Code FINAL REPORT.pdf (March 2022) Dordon Housing Needs Assessment Final.pdf (May 2021) Best Practice Green Infrastructure & Biodiversity Design Considerations for major development.pdf

Evidence to support "Local Listing" designation


Over the past 3 years we have been looking at what residents considered to be important heritage assets that should be protected for future generations.

We then sought advice from Warwickshire’s HER as well as talking to officers at Historic England and Warwickshire’s County Archaeologist.

We followed the NWBC criteria which is modelled on the criteria recommended by Historic England, to compile our list. During our most recent consultation that ended in January 2022, residents supported our suggested listings by an overwhelming 98.93% in favour. These are assets that are important to the story of Dordon and its unique history.

Local Listing is exactly that - it’s all about what the people of Dordon value. Some of our historic buildings and other heritage assets might not be the finest examples, however they tell the story of our village and are therefore important to residents.

Below are the 11 suggested local listings along with the proof of how they fit NWBC’s criteria which is based on the criteria recommended by Historic England.

Local Listing heritage assets.pdf

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Aerial view of Dordon & surrounding area (click to play)