Dordon Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission Questionnaire 9a

Version 9a is here!

After consulting widely on our proposed Neighbourhood Plan, we are delighted to share version 9a with you all.

As the plan now has revised policies, we have been advised to carry out a further Reg 14 consultation.

This begins on 18th August and ends on 30th September.

We know you have filled in questionnaires before, but we would be very grateful if you would be willing to fill in one again. Your previous comments have been noted and have been included in our analysis they have not been disregarded.

If you know of anyone who would prefer to fill in a paper copy, please contact us via our Parish Council website and we will deliver one to their door.

Questionnaires will be available on 22nd August at the village hall during Family Food and Fun and also available at September’s Community Café. We will keep you up to date with the latest Neighbourhood Plan News via our website and Dordon Community Facebook.

You are not allowed to take this survey.