Dordon Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan in a Nutshell!


 This brief guide helps explain the 14 policies which make up the new Neighbourhood Plan. For more detailed explanations please read Version 9a of our Neighbourhood Plan online.

Policy 1

Making sure that Dordon’s Development is sustainable

All future development must compliment what we already have. It needs to respect all our local wildlife sites and habitats. Development needs to include keeping heritage hedgerows and historic landscape features within its plans.  All new buildings need to have good access to bus routes and local services such as the Doctor’s surgery and local shops. New cycle routes and footpaths should be included within any new development. New buildings should be constructed of good quality sustainable materials. Plans to make sure flooding does not occur should be made.

Policy 2

Protecting the Natural Environment and Enhancing Biodiversity

We want our natural environment to be enhanced. Hedgerows should be strengthened, and wildflower meadows and strips created.

Native trees should be preserved, and new ones planted, especially those with berries and sources of nectar. We would like native fruit trees to be planted on suitable sites with nesting boxes to attract birds.  Ponds and natural water features should be created to deal with the threat of flooding. Measures should be put in place so that light pollution should be at a minimum. If trees are removed, they should be replaced at a ratio of at least 2:1. Where possible new streets should be tree-lined.

Policy 3

Designation of Local Green Spaces

Long Street Recreational Ground, Kitwood Recreation Ground and Freasley Common are all Designated Green Spaces which means that they should not be built on.

Policy 4

Protecting the Landscape Character

Developers need to take into account the landscape which makes Dordon special. We have identified key views which are important to protect (examples below).

Ancient trackways and woodland should be protected.

It is important to retaining open countryside where possible. The open countryside and our woodlands are highly valued by residents. Developers need to be mindful of this.

Policy 5

Creating a Local Green Network

When building new houses, we would like developers to create a network of footpaths and cycle routes to link with and enhance what we have already. These routes should give access to people with mobility issues and create green corridors over the whole of Dordon Parish. These would link to the surrounding countryside. We want to make pedestrian safety along Long Street a priority.

Policy 6

Protecting and Enhancing Heritage Assets

We have some important buildings and landscape features that are pivotal to the story of our unique village.  We want to protect these and their surrounding environments. We are hoping that soon Freasley will become a Conservation area as its ancient common and listed buildings need to be protected. We are also seeking to protect Dordon Hall Lane and its surrounds as being part of one of the oldest settlements in Dordon, dating back over 1000 years.

Policy 7

Reducing the Risk of Flooding

Due to our undulating landscape and clay soil parts of Dordon are at risk of flooding. We therefore suggest that developers create drainage systems following government guidelines which enhance the environment by use of ponds and wetlands for more natural appearing watercourses, to cope with the added surface water.

Policy 8

Achieving High Quality Design

Any new houses should blend in with what is already in Dordon. There should be links via pathways and cycle routes to link the new estates and what is there already. The new houses should be in landscaped environments with newly planted trees and hedgerows. The estates should also use what is already there in the way of trees and hedges to create a green environment in keeping with Dordon village.

Policy 9

A Mix of Housing Types and Tenures

We want any proposed new houses to be mindful of what is needed for Dordon residents. We want there to be affordable housing that benefits people who have a link to our Parish. Housing should be affordable to buy or affordable to rent. New homes should be built to be adaptable for wheelchairs.  New homes need to have flexible layouts to accommodate home working.

Policy 10

Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Technologies

We want any new houses built to be eco-friendly with alternative forms of heating, and built in such a way that maximum energy can be achieved from solar panels. The aim should be to have buildings that have very low carbon emissions. Electric Car Charging points should be part of the design. Building materials used should be high quality and energy efficient.

Policy 11

Protecting and enhancing the provision of community facilities

We want to protect and improve our community facilities such as the village hall for future generations. When facilities are no longer fit for purpose or under-used the sites should be redeveloped into a new community facility or rebuilt to fit the needs of Dordon. In the case of the Birch Coppice Club House the replacement facilities must be an improvement in quality of provision.

Policy 12

Supporting the Local Economy

New businesses need to be sustainable and in keeping with the village. New business building must be on a scale suitable for our village and be built on brown field sites. Small scale new amenities for residents are should be within walking distance where possible. This creates a fully integrated village. All business sites including Brown’s Lane should be landscaped to be more attractive with trees and benches. All new businesses should have access to superfast broadband.

Policy 13

Car Parking along Long Street and New Street

The plan supports any measures to reduce congestion especially on Long Street and New Street and would support a one-way system to enable traffic flow.

Policy 14

Development Contributions

We will not support any proposed development that will impact unfavourably on the capacity of our infrastructure.  This includes extra traffic using our highways.

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A big thank you to Dordon Primary School for their artwork.